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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Apr 15, 2017

When the leafs start to change color each fall, and the drive to deer hunt all day reaches its peak, the tune of the "hunting widow" is amplified across the country. Not to exclude the other hunting seasons, but deer hunting seems to take the brunt of this near syndromatic phenomenon.  Laura Eakin, the wife of a hardcore deer and elk hunter, once fell victim to this situation.  And, in an effort to pseudo-retaliate against this status quo, Laura started a podcast known as The Hunting Widow Podcast.   It started as a project where Laura planned to gather her hunting widow friends and verbally express their disdain for the situation.  That was the intent, but what actually happened was something completely different.  Instead of forming a quasi support group laced with microphones, Laura found herself interviewing lady hunters from across the country, beginning a life of hunting for herself,  and has formed what is arguably the only lady-hunter focused podcast in the iTunes catalog.  Laura goes into detail about why she started the show, how it changed her perspective on hunting altogether, and how she feels her show contributes to getting more women into the field.


Advanced Treestands

Covert Scouting Cameras

The Eurohanger

Morse's Sporting Goods


  • Mississippi Department of Wildlife Hires First Female Director
  • Economics of Hunting in South Dakota
  • Neil Gorsuch is a Win for Gun Rights and Hunting 
  • Canada Man Tackled by Deer

Here's What We Discuss:

  • A Honeymoon at Elk Camp, No Alone Time
  • A Beer Fetching Dog and No Elk Tag
  • A Podcast Adventure, a Girly Girl
  • The Newlywed Phase of Life
  • Hunting Will Be a Priority,  and Dark 30 
  • Bashing Our Husbands, No What It Became
  • The Predator Side of Hunting
  • No Advantage, Men Over Women in Hunting
  • Interview Lady Hunters, Learning from Women
  • Shooting the Bow, Double Jointed
  • The Archery Arm Whip, and a Favorite Interview
  • Listening to Podcasts, Gary V, and Hardcore History
  • Women Relate to Women
  • Cecil the Lion
  • A Year's Worth of Hunting Experience
  • The Worst Possible Hunting Experience, The Most Traumatic Experience
  • Sports Induced Asthma, Being Out of Shape
  • A Miserable Hunting Story
  • Cancelling the Trip to the Archery Challenge
  • Sweating Out Fevers
  • 10 Rapid Fire Questions (for Laura, Jay, and Dusty)

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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips