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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Mar 11, 2017

Maybe's it's revenge from when Dan Infalt was charged by a buck at age 9, or maybe it's just that Dan's strategizes a deer hunt more than most. Whatever it is, Dan Infalt is one heck of a good deer hunter.  Dan begins a hunt with maps, not just to determine where the big bucks bed, but to determine where everyone else hunts, so that he doesn't. Dan loves to hunt buck beds that are surrounded by water where other hunters and most predators (except for Dan) won't travel. He also enjoys a good game of cat and mouse, scouting during the season, backtracking on buck sightings,  and feels that one of his key ingredients to killing big bucks is his ability to keep the swamp monsters guessing by rarely hunting the same set twice. Dan reveals many of his tips and tricks in this show. And just in case you have more questions, we've set up a special session with Dan on Faceook LIVE on our Facebook page on Thursday at 6pm.

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  • Sunday Hunting Becoming Reality in West Virginia
  • Antietam National Battlefields Using Sharp Shooters to Control Deer Herd
  • Gun Legislation Could Make Michigan 7th State to Allow Constitutional Carry


Advanced Treestands

Morse Sporting Goods



  • Little Rome Wisconsin
  • I Liked the Area to Hunt, An Old Farmhouse
  • Living Next to Where I Hunt, Instead of Next to Where I Work
  • Envious of the Older Brother
  • A Charging Buck - Age 9
  • Maybe It's Revenge? A Scar Perhaps?
  • Learning from What the Animal is Telling You
  • Going Where the Deer Are
  • Hunting Buck Beds, Inching Closer and Closer
  • Daylight Shots, Bucks are Only Worried about #1
  • Keying in on Water, Hunter's Everywhere It's Dry Land
  • The 5-10% of the Map Becomes Unmarked
  • Most of the Monsters Are Near the Highways
  • Monster Bucks, Parking Lots, and Mindset
  • There's Food Everywhere Water is Your Friend
  • Beds are Meaningless Unless They Are on the Correct Land Features
  • Tapering Down Points, Satellite Bucks, Cottontail Marshes
  • A Minimalist Gear Set Up, How to Hunt Swamps
  • Trying and Exploring New Spots, Testing the Theory
  • Spring Scouting, Big Bucks and Pita Bread
  • The Cat and Mouse Games
  • How Bucks Use Their Beds, Closing Time Bucks
  • The Bucks Internal Clock, Evenings Are a Little Easier
  • Dan's Stand Setup, Small, Slow, Quiet
  • Edge Sigh, Sound, Smell
  • Takes Time, There's Not a Quick Answer
  • Scouting During the Season
  • Back Tracking Bucks Sightings and Visuals
  • Buck Rut Bedding Areas
  • What Dan Thinks About the Night Before a Hunt
  • The Rumor Buck Story
  • Dan's Most Memorable Deer Hunt and 10 Rapid Fire Questions
  • The Faith to Succeed and Keeping Them Guessing
  • Moving Your Set Constantly Without Spooking Them

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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips