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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Feb 11, 2017

A gun loving taxidermist living Ojai, California naturally finds himself surrounded by anti-gun anti-hunting liberals.  It makes Chuck Testa's life more interesting and says he's lost lots of friends.  But Chuck doesn't take life too seriously (unless you're talking about his taxidermy work - he's all business there) and says we all are better off when we can make fun of ourselves.  We don't disagree. Chuck also says that "Nope!" is a zen-like state of mind. Chuck has become a symbol and icon of our YouTube culture where Chuck was the centerpiece of a commercial created by famous YouTubers Rhett and Link. Chuck unintentionally found fame when that same commercial hit the YouTube circuit where it has been downloaded over 17 million times.  Chuck is hardcore when it comes to his taxidermy work and business but  his sense of humor and seemingly dry-toast personality makes watching Chuck's life entertaining.  And now Chuck has his own television show called Mounted on Carbon TV.  We talk with Chuck about his beginnings, his viral video fame, his taxidermy, and his television show in this episode.  


Advanced Take-Down Treestands

Morse's Sporting Goods

ScentLok Enforcer


  • Deer Busts Through Glass in Pennsylvania
  • Required Changes Coming for Bowhunters in 2017
  • Missouri Department of Conservation Confirms Presence of Female Mountain Lion
  • USDA Plans to Use Treated Corn for Ticks on Deer


  • A YouTube Celebrity Legend
  • Dumb Stupid Phones and Texting
  • Mounting a Deer Head in a Restaurant
  • A Mounted Pheasant Kit Out of the Back of Sports Illustrated
  • Voted Most Likely to End Up in Prison Class of '74
  • Rule 62 - Don't Take Yourself too Seriously
  • Commercial King - Rhett and Link
  • Network TV to YouTube to Reddit
  • Testa Tuesday Taxidermy Tips
  • Fully Functioning Taxidermy Shop 300 Mounts Each Year
  • A Commercial for Keystone Light
  • What Should We Be Looking for in a Taxidermist
  • Care in the Field = Better Mounts
  • Don't Fold Up a Warm Bear Hide
  • Chuck's Descriptive Skinning Job
  • Detail in the Face, Mounting a Tube Twice
  • Stitching a Form - Measuring Everything
  • A Commercial Tannery and Mannequins
  • Cleaning Up the Cape - Fixing the Train Wreck
  • Setting the Antlers, Setting the Eyes
  • Glue, Hide Setting, Brushing, Grooming , Painting
  • The Comments - Don't Care Win or Lose
  • A Gun Lover in Liberal California
  • Mounted - The TV Show- Inappropriate and Appropriate
  • Carbon TV and Jeff, the Guy with the Beard
  • Chuck's Most Memorable Deer Hunt
  • 10 Rapid Fire Questions

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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips