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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Apr 23, 2016

Coyotes Kill Deer Fawns and Hurt the Deer Herd.  As deer hunters we have an obligation to hunt coyotes all year round, not to eliminated them, but to control them in order to let the buck fawn live and eventually seed a healthier deer herd to include a healthy supply of bucks.  In our last show with Al, (Episode 138 ) ,Al discussed many of the basic aspects of how-to coyote hunting. Due to popular demand, we asked Al to come back and go more in-depth on his favorite subject: coyote hunting. Only this time, it's about killin' coyotes in Spring and Summer.  Hint: the week of July 4th is special.  Stay tuned as Al covers many subjects and gives you the tools to be a more successful coyote hunter now to make you a more successful deer hunter later.


The Eurohanger:

Morse's Sporting Goods:


  • Mass Deer Grave Poses Enormous Threat to Bio-Security
  • Hunters Take 15% Less Deer in New York
  • Road Kill Elk Now Legal to Take and Eat
  • Minnesota DNR Appeals Ruling Invalidates Major Poaching Ring


  • Why Bring Coyote Hunting to a Deer Hunting Podcast?
  • You Can't Eliminate the Coyote
  • Pups Hit the Ground May 1
  • The Hyperdrive of the Coyote, A Vocal Group
  • Group Howls, Locating Howls, Canine Pups
  • 90 Days Later Pups Hunt with Mom and Dad
  • The Territory Challenge, Is Anyone Listening?
  • When the Calorie Demand Goes Way Up
  • How to Locate Coyotes- Doing the Loop
  • 3-4 Dens, Fleas, and Moving Around
  • Year Round Patterning 
  • See, Hear, Kill Sites, Stopping Every 3 Miles
  • The First Cut Hay and Short Corn
  • The Naked Spot of the Property
  • More People = More Wary Coyotes
  • The Rendezvous Site and The Rhythm of the Woods 
  • Al's Top 3 Most Successful Calls
  • Defending the Pups, Attacking Domestic Dogs
  • Covering 12 Miles in 3 Minutes
  • A Good Batting Average and Going 0 for 36
  • 10 Rapid Fire Questions
  • Missing Cat Posters 


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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips