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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Mar 12, 2016

We caught up with some old friends, Shawn Luchtel and Michael Hunsucker from Heartland Bowhunter in this show. They appeared originally on the Big Buck Deer Hunting Podcast in Show #062 on August 30, 2014. Time flies. Managing a farm in Northern Missouri is a full time job as creating a better habitat for wild grasses and wild game is never ending. Food plots were once the focus, but now Shawn and Michael have added prescribed burns and timber management to the overall land management strategy.

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Jim Keller's Deer News:

  • Wisconsin DNR Compiles List of Problem Callers
  • Columbine Survivor Pushes to Legalize Guns in Schools
  • Indiana Senate Grapples with High Fence Hunting
  • Ann Arbor Deer Cull Kills 63 Deer
  • #shedrally March 12, 2016

Here's What We Discuss in Today's Show

  • A Photo Op with Gregg Ritz and Lee and Tiffany
  • Shed Hunting in Northern Missouri, Whereabouts Undisclosed
  • 28 Sheds and a Controlled Burn
  • Finding Sheds Near Winter Food Sources
  • How to Do a Controlled Burn
  • Leaf Litter, 15mph Winds, and the Black Line
  • Leaf Blowers, Fire, Native Grass, Fire Resistance
  • Big Blue Stem and Little Blue Stem Grass
  • Land Management , 865 Acres, and The Farm
  • EHD, Starting a Herd from Scratch
  • Wiping Out the Older Deer and Self Killing 30 Doe
  • Timber Stand Improvement Strategies
  • Food Plots and Endless Farm Improvement 
  • Providing a Variety of Foods, Clover, Beans
  • Planting More Food than They'll Need
  • Soil Samples and Testing After a Few Years
  • Crop Rotation, Soy Beans, and Corn - Keep Them Separate
  • Chemicals and Ground Prep
  • Michael's Most Recent Memorable Hunt- Wyoming
  • Shawn's Most Recent Memorable Hunt- Colorado
  • Siri- A PETA Member and Bad Ass Michael
  • 10 Rapid Fire Questions
  • Where to Find Heartland BowHunter:


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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

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