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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Sep 12, 2015

We continue our exploration of urban deer hunting tactics as we journey a suburban area in Georgia with special guest Brandon Grindle of Buck Fifty. Brandon is a full time college pre-med student, works a steady job, but spends all of his free time preparing for deer season inside city limits. He shares all his tips and secrets with us, paints a picture of the landscape, and describes the challenges that he faces while trying to hunt very small pieces of land situated in the back yards of high end homes.


  • The TOP 10 are 150" then it Drops
  • What Does Buck Fifty Mean?
  • Georgia Deer Hunting Forecast
  • The Cabin Burned and the Economy Crashed
  • Bow Hunting and Gun Hunting ARE NOT the Same
  • Christian Martin, a Bow, and Shooting 'Til Dark
  • Shooting VS Hunting
  • To Take or Not To Take, that is The Question
  • Hunting Philosophy Failure
  • 120 Hours and a 3.5 Pre Med GPA
  • Erasing the Stress of the Day
  • 70 Yard Back Yard to a 70 Acre Piece
  • The Attitude of the Local Landowners
  • Asking Permission and Getting On Their Level
  • Landowner Fears and Not Selling Them on the First Pitch
  • The Terrain of Gainsville
  • Limited Scouting Ability and Necessity, Deer Holding Patterns
  • Staging the Quick Undercover Extraction Technique
  • How to Talk to an Anti-Hunter
  • Smart Urban Deer and Brandon's Most Memorable Deer Hunt
  • #1 Deer Tip and Favorite Magazines

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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips