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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Feb 7, 2015

PART I- It's that time of year again, when the deer herd up for winter and the sheds start falling! Jeremy Moore from DogBone has created a unique system for training dogs to help you find more sheds with man's best friend. We cover in-depth shed hunting strategies (with and without dogs), all the steps you need to know to train a dog to shed hunt, and why shed hunting is becoming so popular. And a ton more!!!



  • Why do we need a dog to find sheds?
  • Do shed have a smell?  They're just bone...
  • About the shed hunting business
  • Transitioning from bird dog to antler dog
  • Training your dog (or pup) to shed hunt effectively
  • Effective products for training a shed hunting dog
  • The Three Simple Steps: Shape, Scent, Feel
  • Why there's no "One Way" to do it
  • Training Dummy VS Real Antlers- Why Each are important
  • When Deer Season Ends... It's Time
  • Why waiting until later in the shed season is often better
  • When you should start training your dog
  • Forming good habits, repitition, and consistency
  • Why incremental steps is better than speed
  • The Best Dog Breeds for Shed Hunting
  • Buying the Right Dog to Fit YOUR Style of Shed Hunting

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