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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Mar 29, 2014

The Hanson Buck is the current World Record Typical Whitetail Deer according to the Boone and Crockett Club.

Milo is shaking so bad that he can barely hold the cigarette much less take a puff... That pretty much describes how Milo Hanson felt after shooting what became arguably the most revered legendary whitetail buck ever known.

"My legs are 29 inches long and the rack was 29 inches wide.  There was no ground shrinkage. I was shaking so bad that I needed a cigarette and I hadn't had a cigarette in 3 years"

You've seen the pictures, you've read the story a millon times in every hunting magazine from Outdoor Life to Whitetail Magazine, but we're guessing that you've never heard Milo Hanson interviewed on a podcast. This might be a historical podcast moment actually.

Milo takes us back to that famous day, November 23, 1993, and recreates the action in his own words.  We also learn about the events leading up to that day, and everything that goes with shooting a World Record Whitetail Buck (nicknamed "the baby elk" by he and his hunting party in 1993.... later to be known to the world as the Hanson Buck. 

As Milo says, "want to know what the world record buck tasted like?  Ask Jim Zumbo.  He ate some at the SHOT show 1994."

Milo tells it like it is. He's real. And real down to earth.  

Milo answer's these questions:

  • What was it like?
  • Who is Milo Hanson? 
  • What was life like in Biggar, Saskatchewan in 1993?
  • How did life change?
  • What's Milo's #1 Hunting Tip?
  • What's it like to tradmark a legendary whitetail?
  • What's Milo's life like today?
  • Does he hunt now?
  • Who was he with when he hunting the buck?
  • Will the record ever be broken?
  • What are some of the details that you haven't heard?

All this an more on this Big Buck Podcast!

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