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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Dec 28, 2013

How Gun and Ammunition Sales Affect Funding for State DNR and Fish & Game Agencies with Special Guest Jeff Makemson, Alabama DNR...  

Also Jay and Dusty prank call Dusty's brother and we play some calls from the Big Buck Registry's Big Buck Hotline: 724-613-2825

From Serious, to funny, to emtional, this episode has it all!

Here's what's covered in this episode:

  • What is the Pittman-Robert Act of 1937
  • Why was is established?
  • What was hunting like in the US in 1937?
  • Stocking of Whitetail Deer (huh, hard to believe these days, but it actually happened)
  • Alabama harvests more deer in a year today than the entire 1937 US whitetail population!
  • Population of whitetail deer in Alabama 1937: 2000
  • What is the tax on Guns and Ammo and what is it used for?
  • What is the formula for Federal fish and game matching funds?

We also ask the question: Does the show Duck Dynasty increase gun and ammo sales?  

Buying a gun or buying ammunition is an act of wildlife conservation that we either aren't aware of or take for granted.

EXTRA: Jay and Dusty check in with Amanda Lowery from Extreme Huntress to see how's she's making out in the competition. Amanda needs your vote!

EXTRA: Jay and Dusty prank call Dusty's brother 

EXTRA: Jay plays some calls from the Big Buck Feedback Hotline (724-613-2825)