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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Oct 12, 2013

Doug Borries has been hunting since he was a child growing up in Mississippi.  Early on, hunting meant food for the table. These days, it's a trophy record whitetail and guiding that puts food on the table. Doug, age 50, has had a great 50 years of hunting experiences. A competitive person by nature, Doug played baseball in college and relates his drive for record deer, fish, and turkey to the same competitive drive that drove him to win in baseball. 23 years of filming whitetial hunts and guiding celebrity guests like Brett Favre and the Mossy Oak Crew. From Mississippi to Mexico to South Texas to Saskatchewan, this show has it all. Listen to Doug tell the tale of the 200+ inch 375lb whitetail that he harvested in Saskatchewan.  Visit Doug at

Call our Big Buck Hotline and share your hunting story too!  724-613-2825.