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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

May 10, 2013

THE Queens of Camo, Candace, Nena, and Hannah join Jay Scott and the Big Buck Registry Podcast in Part 1 of 2.  Candace and Nena join in from Texas and Hannah from New York.  We discuss how the Queens got into hunting and what inspired them.  They share insights into their pilot tv episode. Candace and Nena share their love of bow hunting.  Nena talks ducks. Candace talks hogs. Hannah talks whitetail, caribou, and ruffed grouse.  Do they butcher their own havested game?  Hunting free range exotics in Texas, like the black buck antelope. What's the right kill spot on an axis deer.  How the Queens of Camo is becoming a support system and community for the women hunters and much more! Meet the Queens of Camo at thd Midwest Huntfest in Kansas in August!